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Areas of Practice

Professional Licensing
  • Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board
  • Florida Electrical Contractors Licensing Board
  • Florida Board of Architecture & Interior Design
  • Florida Board of Professional Engineers
  • Florida Building Code Administrators & Inspectors Board
Administrative Procedure Act Formal and Informal Hearings
Architects/Interior Designers and Exempt Drafting Service Providers
Administrative and Criminal Defense of Unlicensed Contractors
Criminal Defense of Licensed Contractors Related to Construction Crimes
Administrative Defense of Unlicensed Architects, Interior Designers and Draftsmen

Contractor Claims
  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Florida Local Government/Municipality Claims

Americans With Disability Act (ADA) Defense, Compliance Evaluation and Section 504 Plans
Bonding/Surety Preservation of Claims, Claims and Defense
Florida Construction Lien Law
Contract and Subcontract Negotiation, Drafting and Review
Government Bid Protests
Construction and Project Issues/Delay Claims
Construction Defects, F.S. Ch. 558 and Warranty Claims
Contractor/Sub-Contractor Stop Work Orders/Workers' Compensation Insurance Compliance Defense
Unsafe Structures, Permitting and Code Compliance